Thursday, 28 March 2013


Alrighty if you're reading this you are probably very bored.:)..Bascially I just wanted to set up this blog because, as you may know, I have a secret love of Journalism and writing (and can talk for Ireland!), and want to polish off my writing skills because it's been a while.  I'll try not bore too much in my first blog and will then get into the interesting stuff that I actually want to be writing about!

So, I've been working in Administration now for about 5 years and while it's had its ups and downs it isn't something I ever wanted to do, my passion is for writing!  So after flying back from Oz and been left bricking it not knowing what I wanted to do with my life at all, and turning 22 (eeeeek end of the world) I decided to do a Journalism and Media course and move up to Dublin.  I'm someone who is both very impatient and very indecisive, but when we had a guest speaker in class the other night it made me realise that writing it exactly what I want to be doing so I'm going just going to go for it (not getting any younger.) :)  I have always been one of those people who when I hear about a certain story would often think about how I would write about it in my head and what headline I would use, etc.

When deciding on a specialist topic for me it was pretty much a no-brainer - My all time love has always celebrity and showbiz gossip (for those who know me well know I'm a total Digital Spy freak!) and of course all the very awesome soaps!  In my very own opinion, I feel that more and more people are becoming to obsessed with celebrity gossip, it's like a fix we need!  Whether it's music, films, soaps, reality tv you are into, we all have a certain amount of need to know it the celebrity and culture world and we all know reading about it can be extremely interesting, so just imagine how good researching and writing about it would be!

A big big dream of mine would be able to work in magazines such as OK! or VIP and interview celebrities or review music/gigs/films...but that's all a very long way a way now.  For now I would like to (fingers crossed) build up a worthy portfolio on my blog and try concentrate on some worthy celebrity and showbiz storylines that (in my opinion) have to be written about!  Hopefully they will be interesting enough.

That's all for now, gunna keep it short and sweet, look out for my next blog where I will be getting stuck into something a bit more interesting...And until then here is JT's awesome new song, which I won't critique yet but I will say it's friggin' awesome and he is bringing sexy back big time..

Cheers 'till  next time!

Pam... ;)